1000 Alabama Jumpers


  • Type: Live Worms
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

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The Alabama Jumper is the worm for you if you are an avid freshwater fisherman!  No other worm can compete when it comes to the wiggling action this worm will give while on the hook.  You will catch fish all day long with this worm as your primary bait. 

You can also add this worm to your yard waste pile to help compost it into rich vermipost for the garden.  It also loves horse and cow manure and will help to make convert it into rich compost.

Habitat Recommendations

Alabama Jumpers are not typically raised in enclosed habitats. However, given the right environment you should be able to successfully raise them in a container.
  • 25 gallon storage tote, minimum
  • Minimum container dimensions:  38" L x 22" W x 15" H
  • 50 gallon drum, halved lengthwise
  • Freezer or bathtub
  • Manure pile
  • Mulch pile

Bedding Recommendations

These recommendations refer to raising Alabama Jumpers in a habitat. You can mix and match at your convenience:
  • Top Soil
  • *Composted manure
  • Coconut coir
  • Mushroom compost
  • Peat Moss

*Horse and cow manure MUST be thoroughly composted before using, at least 4-6 weeks.  If using rabbit manure be sure to hose down thoroughly if you are sourcing from directly under rabbit hutches due to possible high urine saturation.

Feeding Tips

Your Alabama Jumpers will consume mostly "brown" organic, such as:
  • Dried and chopped leaf and/or grass mulch
  • Composted manure
  • Peanut shells
  • Formulated Grain Feed

What amount of leaf/grass mulch, manure, or peanut shells should you feed 1000 Alabama Jumpers?

  • Mulch. Add 3-5 inches of moistened mulch to the top of the bedding.  The worms will come up to feed on the decomposing mulch. If it remains dry they will not be interested
  • Manure. Add 3 inches of composted manure to the top of your bedding.  Add 1 inch of manure every 3-4 weeks
  • Peanut shells. Soak the shells in water for 24 hours then add a thick enough layer to hide the bedding underneath.  Keep shells moist

How much specially formulated grain feed should you feed 1000 Alabama Jumpers?
There are two feeding methods for grain feeding;  1) top feeding and 2) total mix feeding. 

For top feeding, begin with 1/2 cup of grain even sprinkle on the top of the bedding, then mist with water to soften the feed.  Do not feed again until ALL of the grain has been consumed.  This will take anywhere between 12 to 36 hours.  If the feed is consumed in less than 12 hours you can increase the amount.  If it takes longer than 36 hours, decrease the amount. 

For total mix feeding, add 1/4 cup of feed per 1 gallon of bedding and thoroughly mix.  Make extra bedding/feed mix to continue feeding when the worms have consumed the grain.  The mixed-in feed should satisfy the worms for about  3 weeks.  After 3 weeks, add 1 inch of the extra bedding/feed mix to the top of your habitat bedding

Good to Know's

  • When your garden is spent in the fall you can add a thick layer of mulch to winterize and feed the worms
  • Alabama Jumpers will stay where they can get the easy meal; adding leaf mulch or manure to the top of your garden will continue to feed your worms all year long

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