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Worms 4 Earth is your one-stop shop where you will find top quality worms, worm feed, worm bedding, and worm habitats. We offer an array of different worm species that will fit your composting or gardening needs. Our Live Guarantee ensures that you will always get what you pay for and our secure shopping cart assures that your payments are always protected.


Live Delivery Guarantee

We take great care to ensure that your worms will arrive healthy and happy. However, if the unexpected happens while your worms are enroute, it will always be our priority to replace your order quickly and hassle-free.


Grown in the USA

All of our worms are raised right here in the good 'ol USA! From Florida, Wisconsin, Alabama, and Pennsylvania, we offer only homegrown worms from four family-owned farms. Our Worm Factory is also made in the USA! And we are very proud to provide you with a homegrown customer service team too!


One Stop Shopping

We strive to offer you the most choices available for your vermiculture needs. Composting, fishing, pet food, or gardening -- Shop from five species of worms, specially formulated worm food, as well as everything you need to build or create the perfect habitat!


Peace of Mind

With the ever-growing and complex nature of our modern technology, you need to be confident that your credit card information is secure. Our payment system adheres to strict industry standards for payment processing, including sophisticated data encryption. We do not, nor will be ever, access or store your payment information.

Our Worms

1 LB African Nightcrawlers

$41.95 $44.95

5 LBS African Nightcrawlers

$149.80 $224.75

250 European Nightcrawlers

$34.95 $39.95

1000 European Nightcrawlers

$115.80 $159.80

2000 Red Wigglers

$68.32 $89.90

1000 Alabama Jumpers