Brown Garden Wigglers

Good To Know Creates air passages and water channels
Good To Know Tunnels through clay and packed soil
Good To Know Add to yard or garden
Good To Know Great for freshwater fishing

The Brown Garden Wiggler is beneficial to your soil because it creates air passages and channels in your garden and yard that facilitate the root hair growth of plants.  These channels and networks of tunnels also allow rainwater to saturate the soil and reach the root growth in your yard and garden. the Brown Garden Wiggler is brown with a green iridescent sheen that often gives it a gray color.  These hardy worms are farmed outdoors and are accustomed to all types of conditions.  Just as they are named, these annelids are meant for your garden and not your compost pile.

1000 Brown Garden Wigglers

$75.50 Ex Tax: $75.50

Overview The Brown Garden Wiggler is the worm for you if your soil is in need of aeration and/or you need to compost "brown" organic material such as dried leaf and grass mu..

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