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1 LB African Nightcrawlers

1 LB African Nightcrawlers

This order contains between 250 - 300 breeders.

About African Nightcrawlers

Good To Know Prolific producer of castings
Good To Know Breeds quickly
Good To Know Largest earthworm for composting
Good To Know Great food for larger pets

The African Nightcrawler is known for its size and appetite. This tropical worm species tolerates higher temperatures than its composting cousins. The African Nightcrawler can grow over 8 inches in length and is largest composting worm. The dark, nutrient rich vermipost created by this earthworm is prized among organic gardeners. You can feed Africans your kitchen scraps, farm manure as well as grains formulated for worms. You will be amazed at how fast they can grow and produce worm castings.

Raise African Nightcrawler for fishing as well. When fully grown it is second only in size to the Canadian Nightcrawler. They breed quickly and can consume large amounts of organic material -- the larger the worm, the more it can eat!

The African Nightcrawlers are shipped in breathable bags and are breeder size.

Where can I raise them?

Add African Nightcrawlers to your indoor compost bin or outdoor compost pile..

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 20 September, 2012.