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5000 Alabama Jumpers

5000 Alabama Jumpers

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Populates 1500 square feet of garden space. Fills approximately 400 bait cups.

About Alabama Jumpers

Good To KnowCreates air passages and water channels in your soil
Good To KnowTunnels through clay and packed soil
Good To KnowUse for freshwater fishing

Heavy clay and silt soil are often too compact and void of passages for water to enter. Due to its compactness, rainwater will stand on top, run off, or evaporate before ever making its way down into the soil, often creating drought conditions. Alabama Jumpers create channels and networks of tunnels and burrows that allow rainwater to saturate the soil.

In addition to creating water channels, Alabama Jumpers leave behind their castings as they tunnel through the soil. Earthworm castings (earthworm poop) are significantly important in developing water stability. Water stability is the property of soil that allows it to remain loose, accept, and hold moisture. For example, if your garden has soil with little water stability you may choose to loosen it through mechanical tilling. The soil will seem “refreshed” and will hold water quite well for a short time. But soon the soil, through the process of becoming wet and then drying out, will begin to clump together and form hard lumps. In time, mechanically tilled soil can both repel water absorption as well as make it unfriendly to healthy root growth.

Alabama Jumpers, like all earthworms, have only three basic life requirements: food, water, and protection from harmful agents. Of the three, it is probably the lack of sufficient food is what retards the earthworms population in most gardens and croplands.

Assuming that soil factors are favorable, an Alabama Jumper population will grow only insofar as additional organic matter is incorporated into the soil. This may come in the form of compost, manure, decaying plants, or organic wastes of a wide variety. It may be added to the soil and tilled in, or grown in the soil and then plowed under. Any way it is added, organic matter is essential to encouraging greater numbers of earthworms in the soil. In addition once an earthworm population has been increased, enough organic matter must be supplied periodically in order to maintain that increase.

Ensure that you have plenty of leaves, hay, or any organic material in place before adding these worms so that these critters have a good food supply. Ensure your soil is moist then add worms right before the sun goes down. Distrubute your worms evenly and cover with soil.

Add Alabama Jumpers to directly to your garden or yard. Add a layer of mulched leaves and loosen up the soil where you add them to your garden or yard to ease their transition from shipment to their new home..

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