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2000 Mealworms

2000 Mealworms


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About Mealworms

The mealworm is the larval form of what later generates into the “Darkling Beetle”. The mealworm is a very popular pet food because of the high amount of protein they hold. Pet owners of reptiles, fish, pet birds (and more!) rely heavily on these worms being mass produced to feed to their pets on a daily basis. Feed your animal's natural instinct by providing a tasty find.

Our mealworms are the exact prescription for happier and heathlier animals. They contain 12 of the 16 elements that are found in living tissues. They are rich in vitamins A and B which are essential for proper growth, nutrition, and nervous system maintenance. Mealworms are a living food that is clean, odorless, and healthy.

How to Store Mealworms

Mealworms should be kept under refrigeration between 42 and 50 degrees, where they become dormant and stay in perfect condition for 30 - 45 days.


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