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500 European Nightcrawlers

500 European Nightcrawlers

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About European Nightcrawlers

Good To Know Long-lived on the hook
Good To Know Breeds quickly
Good To Know Tolerates wide range of temperatures
Good To Know Great food for larger pets

The European Nightcrawler is one of the kings of the casting business. Raised extensively in Holland, it has been exported around the world and has become a favorite within the earthworm casting industry because of its tolerance to a wider range of temperatures. It can be identified by its very distinctive striped banding and wide girth. Although smaller in total size than the African nightcrawler, the quality of its castings are not affected by the size difference. You can feed them either kitchen scraps or grain meal. The European nightcrawler is more tolerant of lower temperatures than the Africans; however, they will still perish if exposed to freezing temperatures.

The European nightcrawler is a superb choice to use for fishing bait. They grow relatively quickly, are less sensitive to cold weather, and stay firm on the hook. Do you have memories of using a Canadian nightcrawler that went limp and soggy on your hook after a only few minutes? The European will stay alive while submerged for much longer than other earthworms. And, although it does not grow as long as the African nightcrawlers, it has plenty of width to fit on larger hooks when fishing for bass or catfish..

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