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How-to Videos

Although raising worms isn't rocket science, there is a general method (the right temperature range, moisture level and type of food) you must follow in order to be successful. The great thing about raising worms is there is more than one way to apply this method. Inside, outside, plastic bins or worm beds -- all of these methods and more are covered in the videos posted here. And if you find a video you really like or have posted one of your own let us know!

How to build a storage container worm bin

These videos are examples of how to build your worm bin using plastic storage containers.

How to Drill Holes in Tote


The Peat and Manure Worm Bin


The Newspaper Bin


The Large Capacity Bin


Other types of worm bins

You aren't restricted to plastic storage bins -- From garbage cans to old refrigerators just about any container will work for creating an earthworm composting bin!

The 5 Gallon Bucket Worm Bin


The Old Refrigerator Worm Bin Part 1


The Old Refrigerator Worm Bin Part 2


The Large Flow Through Worm Bin


The Small Flow Through Worm Bin


Methods for Harvesting Your Castings

The Pile Method


The Sifting Method