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About Red WigglersEisenia Foetida is also known as the Red Wiggler, Manure or Brandling worm. This voracious eater is definitely the beginner's choice because of it's adaptability and tolerance to a wide range of temperature.  

The Red Wiggler grows to a length of 3-4 inches, but don't let it's diminutive size fool you - these little guys process large amounts of organic material.  If your needs are strictly composting, this is your worm of choice.  You'll be able to compost your kitchen scraps 10 times faster when compared to composting without them.

Red Wigglers are also a superb protein source for your chickens, pet turtles and lizards, and your aquarium fish will also love gobbling them down.

These bed run worms are shipped in breathable bags and will come in
various sizes, from juvenile to breeder.  There are between 800 - 1,000
worms per pound.

Where do I raise red wigglers Add Red Wigglers to your indoor compost bin or outdoor compost pile.

1 LB
2 LBS $47.90
Save $7.95
3 LBS $71.85
Save $11.95


Save $16.90
5 LBS $119.75
Save $25.80 !!
Vermaplex, 1 Quart* $17.95
*Vermaplex is essential for new worm bins. Vermaplex contains live bacteria that is fundamental for worm growth and development. Mist top of bedding once per week.

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