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Pure Black Earthworm Castings

Pure Black Castings are produced in a climate-controlled facility under strict quality control standards. No manures or yard waste are added to the bedding of these grain fed worms.  This patented system is the culmination of 25 years of applied knowledge that has resulted in the production of 99% pure certified organic worm castings.

5 LBS $7.95
10 LBS $15.50
20 LBS $29.95

10 LBS Black Castings +
1 Quart Vermaplex®

  • Adds K (phosphorus) & P (potassium) in a form immediately available to the plants (unlike chemical fertilizers).
  • Great for school projects!  Use pure Black Castings in your science projects to compare plant growth rates.
  • 99% pure castings - NOT cut with compost or other materials
  • Will not burn plants - Releases nutrients as the plants require
  • A little bit goes a long way -- you will only need to mix with existing soil one part Black Castings to 4 parts soil.
  • OMRI approved for Organic Growers
  • Nature's purest fertilizer - SAFE around children and pets
  • Reduces transplant shock
  • Encourages vigorous growth
  • Increases yields for all flowers, fruits and vegetables
  • No nitrogen run-off - May be applied to phosphate sensitive areas
  • No ground water contamination
  • Suppresses fungal diseases (phythium, fusarium, dollar spot, etc)
  • Contains phototropic bacteria (nitrogen fixation), lactic acid bacteria, yeast, actinomycetes and fermenting fungi

How to Apply Pure Black CastingsRoot Crops:
Adds K (phosphorus) & P (potassium) in a form immediately available to the plants (unlike chemical fertilizers).
Layer 1 to 2 inches in the bottom and sides of seed furrows and plant holes. Set seeds or plants in place and cover with soil. Side dress plants in 4 to 6 weeks with 1/8 inch of castings.
For smaller gardens, 1 cup per plant in planting hole (mixed with 4 cups backfill soil) and topdress root zone with 1/2 cup per plant at mid season.

Use 1/4 cup castings per 4 cups soil -- mixed with backfill soil when planting, or 1/4 cup around the root zone for established plants.

All Types of Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplants, Beans, Cucumbers and Melons:
Mix 1 part Worm Castings to 4 parts soil. Line newly dug holes with the mixture, place plant in hole and cover. Top dress each plant or hill with 1/4 cup castings after budding. Water and repeat every 2 months.

Worm Casting Tea (as a Liquid Fertilizer or Foliar Spray):
Worm casting tea can be used in conjunction with castings, but not as a sole source of nutrients. It reduces transplant shock, helps in setting blooms, recovery from lack of water or wind damage, controls fungus and insects.

Directions for Worm Casting Tea:
Mix 1 cup with 1 gallon of water (let chlorinated water sit 30 minutes before use) and shake vigorously. Let it steep for 12-24 hours.
To use as liquid fertilizer -- just shake the steeped liquid well and water the plants.

To make a foliar spray:
Filter the steeped mix to remove any particles. Save the sediment on the bottom of the container and that captured in the filter.
Use the filtered liquid in a sprayer to apply to the leaves, especially the undersides.
Refill the bottle (with the sediment in bottom) with water, shake well, and use for watering plants.

Potted Plants and Planter Boxes:
Add 1/2 cup of castings to the surface of the soil. Water and repeat every 3 to 4 months.

Compost Bins:
Spread in a thin layer of castings between each layer of compost material.

Established - Top dress with 5 lbs. castings per 100 sqft. and water well.
New (for seed and sod) -
Use 10 lb. worm castings per 100 sqft. Broadcast seed into seedbed, rake in and water.
Use 1/8 inch worm castings to sod bed surface, then apply sod.

Roses, Shrubs and Trees:
New or Transplanted -
Mix 1 part castings to 2 parts of compost or organic peat. Surround the newly dug hole with mixture, spread roots over mound of mixture in the hole. Cover & water well to eliminate air pockets.

Established Roses & Shrubs -
Mix 4 cups castings into the surface of each plant & cover with mulch.

Established Trees -
Use 2 cups castings per 1 inch of trunk diameter. Top dress from the trunk to the drip line, cover with mulch or compost and water.

Fruit and Nut Trees:
Using castings, most fruit and citrus trees will go into production faster, nut trees will not respond as dramatically, and ornamental trees may more than double in their initial growth rate.
After planting, apply 5 to 7 lbs castings per 1 inch of trunk diameter. Apply the castings by top dressing from the trunk to the drip line, cover with mulch and water. With established trees top dress the root zone with 5 lb. of castings per 1 inch of trunk diameter in late Winter and Fall.

Vermaplex® All Natural Fertilizer is, hands down, the best liquid plant food you will ever find.  Unlike the blue stuff that you dissolve in water and only fertilizes plants, Vermplex helps the soil regulate itself. In nature, soil chemistry is self-regulating: microbes in the soil consume organic matter, inorganic matter, water, and other nutrients, and regulate their levels as needed.

1 Quart $17.95
1 Gallon $39.95

10 LBS Black Castings +
1 Gallon Vermaplex®
Best Deal!

  • Contains beneficial microbes (such as heterotrophic bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, nitrogen fixers, and phosphate stabilizers), and micronutrients (soluble nutrients) that are readily available to plants
  • Derived from Pure Black Castings, Liquid Humate, Yucca, Soluble Sea Kelp & Amino Acids
  • A little bit goes a long way -- when watering you only need to use 1/2 cup per gallon.  
  • USE IN YOUR WORM BINS, introduces essential bacteria that your worms will consume and digest worm for growth and development.
  • May consume disease causing organisms that occupy the space around a plant
  • Increases plant growth, flowering and fruit production
  • Will not burn or damage plants from direct contact!
  • Made from natural products; SAFE for the consumer and environment
  • A natural liquid extract (not a compost tea)
  • One year shelf life

Mix 1/4 cup to 1 quart of water.
Spray foliage and soil surface around plants.
Spray on lawn & shrubs after each cutting.

When Used with Pure Black Castings
Mix 1/4 cup VermaPlex® to 1 gallon of water and add to soil at least once every two weeks.

Mix 4 oz. (1/2 cup) VermaPlex to 1 gallon of water at least once per week.

Special Applications
Dip roots of all transplants before planting.

Apply to compost to increase microbial activity.
Use straight or mix 8 oz. VermaPlex to 1 gallon of water