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About Alabama JumpersThe Amynthus gracilus is a type of earthworm that you can add directly to your garden or lawn. Alabama Jumpers can thrive in just about any kind of soil, including packed clay. These worms are so active that, true to their name, they will literally jump out of your hand when you pick one up.

The Alabama Jumper is beneficial to your soil because it creates air passages and channels in your garden and yard that facilitate the root hair growth of plants.  This is not a worm for your compost pile -- it thrives where there is more "brown" material such as dead leaves and dried, brown grass.  This powerful worm will even tunnel through clay and packed soil, loosening the soil to enable plants to get a foothold. Hands down, this is the best worm for your yard and garden.

Add Alabama Jumpers to directly to your garden or yard.  Add a layer of
dried leaves and loosen up the soil where you add them to your garden or
yard to ease their transition from shipment to their new home.

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