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About African NightrcrawlersEudrilius eugeniae is also known as the African Nightcrawler.   Known for its size and appetite, this tropical worm species tolerates higher temperatures than its composting cousins.   The African Nightcrawler can grow over 8 inches in length and is largest composting worm.  The dark, nutrient rich vermipost created by this earthworm is prized amongst the organic gardeners.

Raise African Nightcrawler for fishing as well.  It is second only in size to the Canadian Nightcrawler (the kind you find in the refrigerator at the bait shop). They breed quickly and can consume large amounts of organic material -- the larger the worm, the
more it can eat!

The African Nightcrawlers are shipped in breathable bags and are breeder size.
There are approximately 250 worms per pound.
Where do I raise red wigglersAdd African Nightcrawlers to your indoor compost bin or outdoor
compost pile.

1 LB $31.95
2 LBS $63.90
Save $8.95
3 LBS $95.85
Save $14.90
4 LBS $127.80
Save $24.85
5 LBS $159.75
Save $36.80 !!
Vermaplex, 1 Quart* $17.95
*Vermaplex is essential for new worm bins. Vermaplex contains live bacteria that is fundamental for worm growth and development. Mist top of bedding once per week.  
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