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Your questions and comments are very important to me.  Let me know what is going on with your worm adventure.

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Hello everyone and thank you for visiting Worms4Earth.com!  

I love to garden and a few years ago my Florida clay soil needed help -- it just wouldn't grow healthy vegetables or herbs.  I did some research and discovered that earthworm castings can enrich and re-vitalize soil.  So I took the plunge and bought some African Nightcrawlers to produce vermipost for my garden and potted plants.  I soon learned a few things about raising them (mostly what NOT to do) and began having some success at seeing them reproduce. Before I knew it I was also raising Red Wigglers and European Nightcrawlers!

I found that raising earthworms is pretty simple after all.  So simple, in fact, it inspired me to create this website in order to share my knowledge and experience in hopes that it will encourage you to jump in with both feet and start raising your own earthworms.  You will find it very gratifying to see your worms flourish and your plants grow healthy and strong from all of that dark, rich vermipost you'll be giving them.  And, as more and more people begin to raise earthworms, the amount of garbage being dumped in our landfills will decrease.  So spread the word and go green!

The earthworms that you purchase from Worms4Earth.com are raised on a network of worm farms that are located in Florida, Alabama, Pennsylvannia and Wisconsin.  

Jeff Mouser, Owner
Mon-Sat 9am-6pm CDT