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Which earthworm is best for me?
If you are new to raising worms and your goal is to recycle and compost your kitchen garbage, the Red Wiggler is the right worm for you.
The European Nightcrawler grows up to three times larger than the Red Wigglers. This is the best fishing worm you can buy; it's a fat worm that lives long on the hook.  
Red Wigglers

European Nightcrawlers

If you need a worm to aerate and fertilize your yard or garden soil, you'll want Alabama Jumpers.  This worm will even aerate packed clay soil!  

If you would like to raise the largest composting worm available, the African Nightcrawler will be your worm of choice.  This worm grows up to 9" in length!
Alabama Jumpers African Nightcrawlers

To increase the recycling capacity of your bin or compost pile, combine the composting power of the Red Wiggler with the European Nightcrawler.
Composters Combo  

This mixture is perfect for flower gardens, vegetable gardens, fresh herb gardens, lawns as well as compost piles.
Lawn and Garden Culture